Routes to Channel 4

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There are lots of ways to get your start in the TV and Broadcasting industry, but what are your options?

Depending on the Channel 4 business area you want to join, there are different ways for you to start out on your journey. We've put together some of the pathways you can choose to take your first step into the industry.

Something for everyone

Start an Apprenticeship

Become an apprentice at Channel 4 and learn the ropes within the business. With students joining Channel 4 fresh out of school, they have the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of the industry from one of the largest broadcasters in the UK. This could be a great option for you if you find it easier to learn from on-the-job practical tasks than from theoretical school teaching. It could also be the right option for you if you’re eager to get your start in the TV industry and make your mark! By starting as an apprentice, you’ll be sure to learn a lot and if successful, you’re likely to progress within the company.

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Making TV Programmes

Production Training Scheme

The perfect programme for entry-level talent who have a passion for making TV programmes. This scheme is particularly there to help under- represented groups get into the TV industry. You'll spend a week in TV Boot Camp with Channel 4 before going off to work at a real Production Company. With support from Channel 4 during the programme, you'll learn skills to set you up for a lifetime!

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For Storytellers

Talent Schemes

Channel 4 Talent Schemes are perfect for the next generation of storytellers. For those who are able to come up with new, exciting concepts, but also have the vision to find new ways to share them with the world. From degree's and qualifications, to awards and competitions, there's lots of ways you can get involved to showcase your storytelling talents.

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Digital Content

Content Creatives

This 14 week paid training and placement programme, is for people based in Leeds or Manchester. Focusing on getting new talent into the industry, there's no need for previous experience. All you need is a passion for digital content, and the drive to turn that into your future career.

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Unlock Your Creative Potential

Join the 4Skills Work Experience Programme


No! 4Skills Work Experience is a free virtual programme, run by Channel 4 and GetMyFirstJob.
You've got the end of the programme to complete all modules. This timer starts once you begin the first module.
Easy you can sign up now here!
The programme is open to anyone aged 14 or older - but it will be particularly beneficial to you if you have less than 6 months of experience in the industry.
If you're a teacher or a careers advisor, and would like to get your school can get involved, please sign up here as a career advisor and a member of our team will reach out and get you set up.
This programme is not a feeder into a role at Channel 4. However the skills and knowledge gained along the way provide excellent experience to add to your CV, and will allow you to explore what career pathway could be right for you.
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