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In this 3 step programme we'll introduce you to real careers and real people as you learn more about what goes into the thriving creative industry that you see around you. You'll be set real world challenges, discover what could be your creative career match and get insider information from current Channel 4 Employees on what makes for a successful creative career.

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Creative Careers

There's more than who you see on screen

When you think of TV, it’s probably presenters and actors that first come to mind, but there are a host of incredibly important people behind the scenes that allow on-screen talent to shine in the programmes we all know and love.

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3 step programme

From an idea to your screen

This programme covers some of the most important steps a TV show takes on it's way to our screen - from initial idea to securing your sponsor, choosing when it will air and analysing it's success.

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Choose your journey

Many Routes.

Same Destination.

There are lots of different routes you can take to a career in the creative industry, explore the options and find the right pathway for you.

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Unlock Your Creative Potential

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In Numbers

The UK creative industry is bigger than you may ever have thought.

With the likes of Netflix, Disney+ and other streaming giants entering the market, it's an industry that shows no signs of slowing down, but evolving with our ever changing consumer habits.


Hours of tv produced in the uk each year


People working in the uk tv industry


of uk population use a streaming service


People employed in the uk creative industry


No! 4Skills Work Experience is a free virtual programme, run by Channel 4 and GetMyFirstJob.
You've got the end of the programme to complete all modules. This timer starts once you begin the first module.
Easy you can sign up now here!
The programme is open to anyone aged 14 or older - but it will be particularly beneficial to you if you have less than 6 months of experience in the industry.
If you're a teacher or a careers advisor, and would like to get your school can get involved, please sign up here as a career advisor and a member of our team will reach out and get you set up.
This programme is not a feeder into a role at Channel 4. However the skills and knowledge gained along the way provide excellent experience to add to your CV, and will allow you to explore what career pathway could be right for you.
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